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Newborn Baby Photographer Greenwich and South East London. I’m a specialist baby photographer for Greenwich and South East London. I offer a nice and cosy photography studio where you will feel comfortable and at ease. As a mother of two boys myself, I know how special this time will be for you and your whole family. Newborn sessions are best booked anytime during your pregnancy. This ensures that I have space in my diary for your baby as I only pencil in two due dates a week. Newborn portraits normally take place between 5 and 14 days old as this is when a baby sleeps the most and we can achieve these beautiful curly poses.

Newborn safety is very important to me. I have been trained on how to handle and pose babies and still train regularly every year.

Cherish this special time with
a maternity photo shoot
in Greenwich & South East London

Only a mum to be will ever feel the raft of emotions going through you right now.

From not knowing if this feels real to your baby beginning to move & the feeling that you’re growing a real human being inside of you.

I know when pregnant with my two boys I felt excited, scared & oh so responsible. I’m going to be a parent, life will never be the same.

Then there were those days when I would secretly smile to myself at the fun adventures ahead of us.

A maternity portrait session is your time to embrace your feelings & capturing the artistry & the intimate moments your feeling right now.


Elegant newborn photography
in Greenwich South East London

We remember how we feel, not the days.

The photographs you receive from your newborn photo shoot, are not just for now, they’re forever.

Imagine years from now sitting on the sofa & your beautiful baby asks to see some photographs of them when they were small.

A time they don’t remember, ever visually or emotionally, BUT YOU DO.

Through beautiful photography, you’ll be able to travel back to this time when they were so small that their tiny body would fit in your hands.

Together you’ll reminisce about that amazing time in your life, a time that still tugs at your heart.

From newborn to sitting baby photoshoot
in Greenwich South East London

How fast those first few months will go, before you know it they will be sitting on their own.

(we know what comes next, crawling then WALKING)

Why celebrate this milestone with a sitter photo shoot?

It’s a very important milestone in their development & one to remember.

The start of their independence as they’ll then learn to crawl & walk.

I also LOVE the fact that their little personality really begins to shine through.

I offer a year long baby plan to capture all the milestones in your babies first year and I adore the sitter sessions, always lots of  fantastic laughs & lots of giggles.

It’s time to get messy and celebrate their 1st birthday
with a cake smash in Greenwich South East London

WOW 1st Birthday – celebrate with a really fun Cake Smash

Why book a cake smash? They are a really fun way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

I remember what a big deal my kids first birthday were. I really wanted to celebrate even though I knew they wouldn’t remember!

It’s a celebration of “making it a year” you’ve come such a long way in a short amount of time.

The session starts with capturing their last portrait as a baby, can you believe you will soon be calling them a toddler?

Then the FUN part smashing the cake, followed by a lovely soak in the tub to clean up!

Classical Children’s Portraits
in Greenwich South East London

The magic of children portraits lies in expressing their calm soul in a stunning classical way

If your children are anything like mine, they will be full of energy & bouncing off the walls every day.

It can feel impossible to capture a nice timeless picture of them, for they won’t stay still for more than 10 seconds.

A classical children portrait embraces the things your children love the most, their music, dancing or performing.

My relaxed calm way with children brings out the best in them.

Showing their pure gentleness in a style that will adorn your walls for generations.

I’m Sandra Cullen a Greenwich Photographer
specialising in Newborn, Baby & Classical Children Portraits

Prepare to be Blown Away

You’ll get the super special VIP treatment from enquiry to “delivery of your beautiful portraits”.

I’ve designed my service to relieve as much stress as possible. This will be a fun experience & an amazing feeling.

You will be blown away with the results & filled with love, joy and possibly a tear when you see your pictures for the first time.

Newborn safety : I’ve been trained by some of the best newborn photographers in the country on how to safety pose your baby.

I was immediately at ease and Sandra was an absolute natural with both the kids

Sandra took newborn photos of my Daughter, Thea. I was immediately at ease and she was an absolute natural with both the kids.

Lots of props/outfits were provided, all of excellent quality and time and care was taken to make sure Thea and myself were happy at every stage.

The final photos were absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t recommend Sandra anymore for both her nature with kids and beautiful photos.

Send me an email today to arrange a time to talk on the phone, I always reply within 24 hours

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