How to take better pictures of your children.

How to take better pictures of your children.

Do you find that you can never get the results you want when taking your camera out? Are your children freezing up and giving you the “cheese grin”?  Follow these 4 simple yet effective tips and I promise you that your photos will get much better!

  1. Find a lot of light

The problem with not having enough light is that your camera will not be fast enough to capture your child moving and you will get blurry images (motion blur). If you find a lot of light, you will not get this problem. Either that or bribe your child to stay still for 2mn!

  1. Get down to their level

This is the simplest yet most effective way to get better pictures. Yes, it will hurt your back and your knees but it is so worth it! See the difference it makes in these pictures:



Have I convinced you yet?

  1. Make their eyes sparkle

A catch light is a reflection of light that appears in your child’s eyes and make them stand out. It is very easy to get. You just need a light source near your child’s eyes. If you’re inside, a light, a window or even the tv can help getting this nice sparkle. If you’re outside, the sun or even the sky will work.

  1. Play with them

What a better way to see their natural happiness and smiling faces than playing with them? I always use the peekaboo technic for the little ones by hiding behind my big camera and it has never let me down so far!  For the older children, bad jokes usually work or even farting noises (I know, I know but I have two boys at home!)

I hope you have enjoyed these little tips and that they will help you take better pictures of your children. Have fun and experiment, you can still delete the bad pictures later at home! It’s so important to capture them growing up! And don’t forget to print these great pictures as well!

Sandra xxx