6 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

6 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

I don’t know if it’s the same in your family, but as a Mum of two boys, Halloween is BIG in our house!

And what’s not to like when you’re a child? You get to dress up as something scary and you get a lot of sweets without having to beg!

As easy as it is to find cute or scary costumes for older children, it is not that easy to find some for small babies or even newborns.

So here are 6 baby Halloween costumes ideas that can be easily done by yourself!

(Inspired by http://coolmompicks.com/blog/2014/10/08/funny-creative-diy-halloween-costumes-for-baby/)


  1. Baby Biker



A pair of jeans, a Harley Davidson tshirt, a bandana on the head and a fake goatee and here you have a very cute baby biker! How easy is this?


2. Spider in a Web


All you need are black clothes for baby, black socks filled with yarn or cotton wool and a baby carrier! This is perfect for when baby is very small as they keep warm against you.



3. Baby Prisoner


How easy is this one? All you need is an orange all in one baby suit, a black hat, a black piece of fabric and some fabric paint! Tada! You can also use a striped black and white all in one for a little variation!


4. Baby Octopus


Also very easy! Just buy 8 long socks (they must be the same!) and stuff them with whatever you can find! Add a pink hat and here you have a very cute octupus!


5. Baby Pop Corn


This is also perfect when baby is very small. Just buy some white and red felt and stick stripes of red felt on the white felt with a glue gun! Dent the top and just wrap it around your baby carrier! Stick some pop corn with the glue gun on a white baby hat and your costume is ready!



6. Baby Mummy


I don’t think you can make an easier costume than this one! All you need is a white all in one bodysuit (or a white tshirt and leggings for older children), a white hat, rolls and bandages and a few safety pins to keep it all in place!



I hope this inspired you for this year’s Halloween! Enjoy and have fun!


Sandra xxx