Dear Mum

Every child sees the beauty in their mother, from your unique smile, your willingness to do anything for them & the way you hold them when they’re upset.

From the beginning, you’re there building a bond that goes far deeper than anyone can describe, yet we don’t want to show we exist in our children’s lives hiding from the camera.

Instead grabbing the camera so you won’t be in the pictures, I know this because I’ve done this to many times and I have to remind myself I need to be in pictures FOR my children.

The pictures are for them not us, they will want to look back and show their own children one day, look at grandma when she was young, wasn’t she beautiful.

For that’s how our children see us, BEAUTIFUL, they don’t care if we’re carrying a few extra pounds, or that our hair is not perfect, they love us just as we are.

This is my why, why I do this and why I encourage every mum to be in the photographs with their babies.

Yes you will be tried, and yes you will still be carrying a few extra pounds, but honestly that doesn’t matter at all.

What matters is, we are present in photographs for our CHILDREN, for they will love you ever more when they’re old enough to appreciate it.