What to wear to your autumn family photoshoot

If you’ve booked an autumn family photoshoot with me, you’ll likely be wondering what you should all wear for the photos.

I know this because it’s often the very first question my clients ask me after they’ve made the booking. And I understand completely.

After all, for us ladies, deciding what to wear most days is hard enough, isn’t it?

Let alone, when you are going to be photographed by a professional photographer!

Your outfits are an important consideration

Autumn family photo walks in London

The common challenge parents have when it comes to family portrait sessions is deciding what the whole family should wear so that you all look good. (Although let’s be honest, it’s usually mum who is in charge of sorting the outfits, right?)

You’ve booked a family photoshoot because you want an up-to-date picture of your family. But you know that the clothes you’ll all wear on the day will impact the overall look of the photos, so you want to choose wisely.

You don’t want the photos to look dated in just a few years’ time.

And, ideally, you want to look the very best possible versions of yourselves. You want to hang the best photos from your session on your walls at home and be proud to look at them every day.

Well, your luck’s in because today I’m sharing my top tips for what to wear to your autumn family photoshoot.

I want to help you avoid the stress that can come when trying to decide on the outfits. I don’t want you to go into a tailspin about this!

What to wear to your autumn family photoshoot

1. Consider the colours of the season

My first tip is to consider the seasonal colours that you’ll be photographed amongst.

The lovely rich reds, oranges and browns will likely be the backdrop to your photoshoot, so I’d suggest you take the lead from nature. Use this as inspiration for the clothes you choose to wear for the portrait session.

So, colour-wise – anything that complements these gorgeous autumn colours will work really well.

That means warm neutrals, creams, tan, beige, orange, mustard yellows, and light and dark browns. Navy blues, greys and warm berry colours also look fantastic at this time of year.

Family portrait in London

2. Aim to create a coordinated look

Once you’ve chosen a colour palette, the next thing to do is aim to carry that through the clothes of your entire family.

You won’t want to make this look like you’ve tried too hard. But a subtle, underlying theme running through all of your outfits will create a coordinated look.

So, just avoid putting your daughter in a bright pink cardigan for example, if the rest of the family are wearing creams and browns.

For variety, wear different patterns and introduce different textures in your clothes to make the colour scheme not look too contrived.

Outdoor family portrait

3. Layer up!

Although we are often spoilt with beautiful and mild autumns, here in the UK, I would still suggest that you get cosy and layer up for your autumn family photoshoot.

I will be taking pictures of you for only a short while, but I don’t want you to come underdressed and potentially catch a chill if the weather isn’t at its best.

Nor will you want to look cold in the photos – chattering teeth and huddled shoulders will not look good on the photos!

So, bring a coat – you can always take it off if it’s mild and you really don’t want to wear it. Also, wear chunky knitted jumpers that look great in autumn. And accessories – scarves, hats, gloves – these are all great for portrait sessions at this time of year too.

Young boy during Autumn photo walk

4. Wear suitable footwear

One thing that can easily be overlooked is what footwear to come in for your autumn family photoshoot.

I always suggest you bring along a pair of wellies if there has been rain ahead of your photoshoot. The ground can be wet.

But, if you can, wear only plain coloured wellies and that includes the kids – bright colours and patterns will distract the eye and be the focus of the picture, rather than you.

Otherwise, ladies, come in ankle books or knee-high boots over jeans, men can wear smart canvas pumps or shoes – whatever they feel comfortable in. Kids look great in boots or smart shoes or pumps. Just avoid sports trainers if you can.

Inspiration and examples of what to wear to your autumn family photoshoot

If you’ve booked one of my limited-availability autumn photo walks, or whether you have booked an outdoor family portrait session, to be held at a venue of your own choice, what you should definitely do is give plenty of thought to your family’s outfits beforehand.

Take a look at my Autumn clothing inspiration board on Pinterest– I’ve created it especially for you. It’s packed full of examples of chic family outfits that would work really well on camera.

I hope it helps to give you lots of inspiration for what to wear to your autumn family photoshoot this year.

Do post in the comments below about what colour scheme you have decided on, or feel free to contact me on 07507 665493 or complete the contact form on my website if you need any more help.

Sandra x