Baby’s First Year


Everybody say that babies grow too fast but you never realise how true that is until you have your own! One day he’s this tiny little newborn and the next he’s already at school!

It happens so fast, we can barely remember these important stages in their life. Which is why I am launching a new Baby Plan called Precieux Moments, which captures all the important memories of your baby’s first year.

There are two wonderful options for the plan and they are all about the milestones in your baby’s first year.

You can choose which best suits you and your family.

Option 1:

The plan starts with a session at 4/5 months when your baby can easily do tummy time. We get a lot of nice smiles at this age and they have usually discover how to blow raspberries!

We then have another session at around 8/9 months when your baby can sit unaided but doesn’t crawl yet. They really interact with you at that age and grab things!

We finish with a Cake Smash to celebrate their first birthday. It’s so much fun both parents and babies love it (me too actually!)

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Option 2:

This plan starts with a session at around 7/8 months when your baby can sit unaided and is full of smiles and giggles.

We then celebrate their first birthday with a cake smash and the last session is an outdoors family session which takes place before their second birthday.

Baby Photography GreenwichCake Smash Photographer South East LondonFamily Photography South East London

I have brand new and exclusive collections with amazing new products designed specifically for Precieux Moments that you can choose at each session.

After all, your baby’s first year and the one where they grow the most!

If you would like to book your Precieux Moments or if you would like more information, call me today on 0750 766 5493.

I look forward to talking to you!

Sandra x