Mum and baby photoshoot

Book a mum and baby photoshoot: You owe it to yourself and your children

Why not make it a priority to organise a mum and baby photoshoot?

After all, your children are your biggest fans. They adore you, exactly as you are. To them, you are the most perfect and beautiful mum in the world (even though you may not always feel like it!).

But, while you are at the very heart of the family, you have very few family photographs of you and the children together, right?

You’re there for your children in both the good times and the bad. You’re there during all those gloriously chaotic everyday moments that family life is made of. But you’re also the one behind the camera most of the time (hint hint, dads!).

Exist in photographs with the ones you love the most

My popular ‘Mummy and Me’ photo sessions are a lovely way to capture and celebrate the unique and special bond that you have with your children.

Exist in pictures with a mum and child photoshoot

Rather than being an indulgence, a mother and baby photoshoot (or mother and child photoshoot) is something that I believe you should do regularly. After all, you’ll gain so much pleasure from the photographs, it’ll be well worth the investment.

And, your child will be so grateful for the photos in the future. No doubt they’ll laugh looking back at their young face! And they’ll love looking at you and them together, remembering a time that has passed.

I truly believe that you owe it yourself and your child to document these important family years in beautiful photographs.

Mum and baby photoshoots available all year round

I first launched these Mummy and Me sessions in 2017 and they have been really popular ever since.

It’s been a real pleasure to photograph so many lovely mummies with their sons and daughters, in ages ranging from month-old babies through to teenagers.

Mummy and child photoshoot by Sandra Cullen Photography

Before I sat down to write this, I actually looked back over the pictures I have taken for my Mummy and Me clients over the past two years. It was so nice revisiting the mummy and baby and mummy and child portraits I’ve taken!

The kind words my clients have shared about their experience of their Mummy and Me photoshoots also reminded me of how special it is for the families to have these portraits.

Mummy and Me photoshoot experience

Having professional quality photographs that capture the important connection between mum and child really is so wonderful, as my clients have said themselves:

Emma Jane gave me a 5-star review:

“Sandra is welcoming and friendly and instantly put my children and myself at ease. We took up the offer of a mini, mummy and me photo shoot and we love the pictures. Sandra really captured our relaxed natures and love for each other. I would highly recommend Sandra and would not hesitate to use her services again.

Corinne also gave me a 5-star review and said,

We are delighted with our photos. My extremely wriggly 3-year-old was only half cooperating, but Sandra was calm and patient and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

A recent Mummy and Me Session

My most recent Mummy and Me session was with the lovely Amy who had been treated to the session by her husband for her birthday. She came along to my photography studio earlier this month for some mum and baby portraits.

Here are just some of the almost-thirty pictures that I took for Amy with her adorable daughter Aurora. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Mummy and baby photoshoot by Sandra Cullen Photography

And I was delighted that Amy gushed about the session and the photos afterwards! Here’s what she said on her Instagram account @raising_aurora:

We absolutely loved it. I may not have lost my baby (or Christmas) weight, or had my hair and makeup perfectly done but none of this mattered when I was with my baby 😍. Sandra had a lovely little studio and had planned put all the best poses so we could get lots of shots quickly before Aurora got tired. She made us feel very comfortable offering lots of breaks for feeds and a little rest too!”

Mummy and baby photoshoot with Sandra Cullen Photography

Why wait to book your Mummy and Me session?

I hope that these pictures and testimonials make you realise that a mum and daughter or mother and son photoshoot is an investment well worth making?

They are available all year round. Perhaps you could ask your partner or family to treat you – why not add it to your birthday wish list? Or treat yourself! You deserve it! Even when there is no occasion!

The session costs just £79, which includes a 2-hour photoshoot at my south-east London photography studio. They’ll be plenty of time for outfit changes and for trying out lots of different poses. Photo packages are available from £249 which includes a minimum of 20 images.

By opting for the full experience, you’ll enjoy a relaxed session and receive a lovely variety of images to choose from and to print, frame or mount onto your walls or place in a keepsake album.


Or, another option, with Mother’s Day coming up, is to take advantage of a very special offer that’s currently up for grabs.

You can book one of my limited-availability mini sessions (20 minutes) on Saturday 216th March 2019.

On this one day only, I am offering Mummy and Me for the incredible-value price of just £99 which includes five digital images, and the option to upgrade to purchase prints and wall art for your home.

A professional photoshoot is an ideal Mother’s Day gift after all!

A moment with mum photoshoot

Take a moment with mum

Whether you opt for the full photoshoot or the mini session, whether you have one child or several, babies or teens, I’ll record your special moments of mother and daughter/son time. And I guarantee you that the whole thing will be a relaxed and fun experience for you all.

I have lots of mum and baby photo ideas and I’ll take several photographs of you and your baby or child together.

If you have more than one child, I’ll photograph you with each child individually as well as in a group. Plus, I’ll also take a photo of just you – you’ve probably not got a professional photo of yourself after all!

Mum and daughter photoshoot with Sandra Cullen Photography

As Cecilia discovered, after her mummy and baby photo session last year, I’m very patient and can get wonderful pictures, even if your little one may not feel like having their photo taken!

I don’t know how Sandra did it?? My little one really give her a hard time – he was simply not in the mood for photos – but the result was great and I was so thankful for her patience.”

The whole point is that you get to enjoy quality time together – just you and your child (or children) – and come away with beautiful, relaxed family portraits that you’ll treasure for years to come.

A Mum and baby photoshoot is a great gift idea

We all deserve something special from time to time, so why not treat yourself to a ‘Moment with Mum’ session? Or buy one for someone else?

I have gift vouchers available if you’d like to buy a session or contribute to the cost of a session for a friend or family member.

Anne-Marie recently said of her session:

“I loved our Mummy and Me session with Sandra. Sandra worked smoothly and with warmth and fun. I felt really special and so did my daughter. I would highly recommend it!”

Book your Mummy and Me session today

To book yours, please contact me on 07507 665493 or email me Don’t forget to book ASAP to secure one of the mini session slots on Saturday 16th March. Once they are gone, they’re gone!

View my Mummy and Me portrait gallery here for more examples of my work.

Mum and baby photoshoot south east London

The importance of family photos

The importance of family photos

I strongly believe in the importance of family photos, and here’s why.

I first came over to England in May 2000 and instantly fell in love with London. Within a month, I was living here and, well, the rest is history!

But the one downside of being a French national living in England (‘Bonjour!’ to all fellow Francophiles by the way!) is that I often miss out on important family occasions.

By living in London, I miss important family occasions

My entire family are still living over in France – in Marseille, where I am originally from.

And, since I only travel back there once or twice a year, over the years there have been a lot of things that I’ve not been there to experience and share with them.

There will also certainly be more occasions that I will miss in the future. My nan is 90 this year and my sister is also getting married soon – I’m sad that I won’t be there to celebrate these big occasions with them.

Family photos are so important

So, yes, although I live in England because I love it here, there are definite downsides to being away from family. Perhaps, if you’re living here but are originally from another country, you can relate?

Why sharing photos is a family tradition

Because I am living in a different country to my family, I’m sad that I miss out on important family occasions, like weddings, births and birthdays.

I’ve missed out on seeing my nieces and nephews being born and growing up. Just as my Nan, my parents and sister over in France have missed out on seeing my two boys grow up.

This is why, as a family, we really value photography.

Keeping the family connection alive

Although I regularly take portraits of my boys so that I can keep a record of them as they grow, I also make sure that I send these photos as gifts to my French family.

My boys in 2016

My boys in 2016

My boys in 2018

Growing up fast! Pictured in November 2018.

Every Christmas and on birthdays too, portraits of the boys, and the occasional family photo, are sent over to France. What’s great is that they do the same, and I just love receiving photos of my French family.

Having a physical photo of them in my home, not just a digital copy saved on my phone or hard drive somewhere is wonderful. By far, my favourite gift every single year!

For our family, photos help to close the physical distance between us. That is why they are so important to us.

Do you document your growing family in photographs?

Many of my clients are Europeans living in London, and they often say to me that photos are so important to them for the same reasons.

They hire me as their family portrait photographer because they want to have professional-quality photos to look back in years to come. But also because they want to share them with family and friends.

Whether they come to me for maternity portraits, newborn photography, or to have updated photographs taken of their toddlers, older children or, together, as a family, my clients appreciate the value of family photography.

The importance of family photos

  • Do you share this belief in the importance of family photos?
  • Do you have family members who you don’t get to see that often that would appreciate an updated photo?
  • And if so, would you like to have some child or family portraits taken?

If you’re looking to invest in professional family photos, whatever the time of year, I believe that you’d be making a great investment. I literally can’t overstate the importance of family photos!

I’d love to see you and your family in my photography studio soon so that I can help you capture these precious family moments.

Please get in touch to enquire about my availability by completing this contact form.

What to wear to your autumn family photoshoot

If you’ve booked an autumn family photoshoot with me, you’ll likely be wondering what you should all wear for the photos.

I know this because it’s often the very first question my clients ask me after they’ve made the booking. And I understand completely.

After all, for us ladies, deciding what to wear most days is hard enough, isn’t it?

Let alone, when you are going to be photographed by a professional photographer!

Your outfits are an important consideration

Autumn family photo walks in London

The common challenge parents have when it comes to family portrait sessions is deciding what the whole family should wear so that you all look good. (Although let’s be honest, it’s usually mum who is in charge of sorting the outfits, right?)

You’ve booked a family photoshoot because you want an up-to-date picture of your family. But you know that the clothes you’ll all wear on the day will impact the overall look of the photos, so you want to choose wisely.

You don’t want the photos to look dated in just a few years’ time.

And, ideally, you want to look the very best possible versions of yourselves. You want to hang the best photos from your session on your walls at home and be proud to look at them every day.

Well, your luck’s in because today I’m sharing my top tips for what to wear to your autumn family photoshoot.

I want to help you avoid the stress that can come when trying to decide on the outfits. I don’t want you to go into a tailspin about this!

What to wear to your autumn family photoshoot

1. Consider the colours of the season

My first tip is to consider the seasonal colours that you’ll be photographed amongst.

The lovely rich reds, oranges and browns will likely be the backdrop to your photoshoot, so I’d suggest you take the lead from nature. Use this as inspiration for the clothes you choose to wear for the portrait session.

So, colour-wise – anything that complements these gorgeous autumn colours will work really well.

That means warm neutrals, creams, tan, beige, orange, mustard yellows, and light and dark browns. Navy blues, greys and warm berry colours also look fantastic at this time of year.

Family portrait in London

2. Aim to create a coordinated look

Once you’ve chosen a colour palette, the next thing to do is aim to carry that through the clothes of your entire family.

You won’t want to make this look like you’ve tried too hard. But a subtle, underlying theme running through all of your outfits will create a coordinated look.

So, just avoid putting your daughter in a bright pink cardigan for example, if the rest of the family are wearing creams and browns.

For variety, wear different patterns and introduce different textures in your clothes to make the colour scheme not look too contrived.

Outdoor family portrait

3. Layer up!

Although we are often spoilt with beautiful and mild autumns, here in the UK, I would still suggest that you get cosy and layer up for your autumn family photoshoot.

I will be taking pictures of you for only a short while, but I don’t want you to come underdressed and potentially catch a chill if the weather isn’t at its best.

Nor will you want to look cold in the photos – chattering teeth and huddled shoulders will not look good on the photos!

So, bring a coat – you can always take it off if it’s mild and you really don’t want to wear it. Also, wear chunky knitted jumpers that look great in autumn. And accessories – scarves, hats, gloves – these are all great for portrait sessions at this time of year too.

Young boy during Autumn photo walk

4. Wear suitable footwear

One thing that can easily be overlooked is what footwear to come in for your autumn family photoshoot.

I always suggest you bring along a pair of wellies if there has been rain ahead of your photoshoot. The ground can be wet.

But, if you can, wear only plain coloured wellies and that includes the kids – bright colours and patterns will distract the eye and be the focus of the picture, rather than you.

Otherwise, ladies, come in ankle books or knee-high boots over jeans, men can wear smart canvas pumps or shoes – whatever they feel comfortable in. Kids look great in boots or smart shoes or pumps. Just avoid sports trainers if you can.

Inspiration and examples of what to wear to your autumn family photoshoot

If you’ve booked one of my limited-availability autumn photo walks, or whether you have booked an outdoor family portrait session, to be held at a venue of your own choice, what you should definitely do is give plenty of thought to your family’s outfits beforehand.

Take a look at my Autumn clothing inspiration board on Pinterest– I’ve created it especially for you. It’s packed full of examples of chic family outfits that would work really well on camera.

I hope it helps to give you lots of inspiration for what to wear to your autumn family photoshoot this year.

Do post in the comments below about what colour scheme you have decided on, or feel free to contact me on 07507 665493 or complete the contact form on my website if you need any more help.

Sandra x

Photos you should take of your children include baby, toddler and preschool portraits

Thirty photos you should take of your children

As both a baby photographer and a mum, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m passionate about recording family moments in photographs.

And this is true to the extent that I literally don’t go anywhere without my camera or my phone and am always taking snaps of my two boys.

Whether it’s them playing in the garden, at their much-loved jujitsu class or when they are just goofing around after school, I believe it’s so important to capture everyday moments in photos.

Photographing family moments

You, like me, probably have thousands of snapshots of your children, yes?

After all, it’s so easy to grab our camera phones. So, we certainly have no shortage of photos of our kids.

Smiling toddler by Sandra Cullen Photography

But, in addition to those important everyday moments, there are many key milestones that I think are absolutely essential to record in photos during your baby’s first few years of life.

There are just so many photos you should take of your children.


Free checklist

Which is why I have created a downloadable checklist which is available to you for free if you join my mailing list.

My checklist includes no less than 30 photos that I would encourage you to take throughout your child’s early years.

It covers off all the key developmental stages from newborn through to that first day at school, listing my recommendations of what to photograph at each stage.

Photos you should take of your children

The idea is that you download and print off the checklist, pin it to your noticeboard or fridge and tick them off the photos as you go. Plus, there’s space to add your own ideas too.

Subscribe to my newsletter to claim your free checklist

The free checklist will be yours as a thank you for signing up for my newsletter.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive occasional news and updates about my products and services, plus useful photography tips to help you capture great photos at home.

Sign up here and I’ll then send you your copy straight away.

Once you’ve downloaded the checklist, I hope you’ll agree that it serves as a handy reference of what moments to capture and as a reminder to ensure that you don’t miss any of those key milestones in your baby’s early years.

Whether you opt to take these pictures yourself or choose to hire a professional baby photographer like me, it will certainly be time well spent.

Fleeting childhood memories

As we all know, time just flies, and children grow up so fast.

You’ll be taking sleeping pics of your curled up newborn bundle one minute and then before you know it, you’ll be chasing after your carefree toddler.

The pre-school years go so quickly! Which is why I created the checklist.

A first birthday celebration is one of the photos you should take of your children

I’m often asked what occasions are important for parents to photograph, and the checklist answers that very question by listing all the photos you should take of your children.

Of course, I encourage you to take photos of your kids EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I’d recommend that you’re especially careful to photograph the 30 photos listed on the checklist.

Photos you’ll just love to look back on

Based on my experience as both a mum and a professional baby photographer, these are the important moments that you’ll love to look back on in years to come and you won’t want to miss.

Photos you should take of your children include baby, toddler and preschool portraits

If you don’t take these photos of your children, your memories will be all you have left. And as we all know, photographs last far longer than memories, which can fade over time.

So, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter in order to get your free copy of the checklist ’30 must-have pictures of your children’.

And if you’d let to get in touch to enquire about booking a professional photoshoot with me, please contact me at or call 07507 665493.

I offer a Baby Plan package which includes the opportunity to have your baby professionally photographed at three stages within their first year – you can discover more details here.