Rainbow Baby

Rainbow Baby


A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born into a family who has, sadly, experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth. The rainbow symbolises the hope that this new baby brings to the family without forgetting the impact of the storm that is losing a child.


I was one of the lucky one. When I was expecting my second son, I had a very big scare at 13 weeks and really thought I had lost my baby. I cannot describe what went through my mind and my husband’s. It was scary, heart breaking and the worst thing that could happen to us as a family. Thankfully, after hours in A&E, I had a scan and there he was, still with a heart beat and perfectly fine. The relief and joy we experienced was extraordinary and we always felt blessed that he was still with us.

This is the reason why I decided to give away one newborn session a month to a rainbow family. I have always wanted to give back and this seems like an ideal way for me to be able to pay it forward.


I had the pleasure to photograph rainbow baby Alyssa a few weeks ago. Here is what her Mum Siobhan had to say about the session:

“When a rainbow baby arrives safely earthside, it’s usually a joyous time. After months of tension, anxiety and fear you can finally breathe a sigh of relief: your little one is here, alive and kicking, and in some cases, screaming! The weight on your shoulders is a little less heavy and perhaps you are able to smile and laugh a little more. It’s a precious time and one which flies by and is soon forgotten in a massive pile of laundry, trips out of hours spent shushing and rocking your baby, so when Sandra offered me the opportunity to make some beautiful pictures, so I could remember my precious rainbow baby at such a wonderful time, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

It was all arranged very quickly as it’s important to do a newborn shoot within the first few weeks. That was a blessing really as I didn’t have much time to worry about it – suddenly the day had come and off we went. I realised afterwards that I had been worried, because although much of the anxiety and tension that I had felt during pregnancy had dissipated, there was still a huge amount of anxiety pervading my thoughts everyday. I was petrified something terrible would happen to my precious newborn baby. Once you know the worst that can happen, it’s very difficult to stop your thoughts going to that place on a regular basis. Once you know, you know. So the idea of handing over your tiny, helpless, darling baby into someone else’s care is really difficult. It’s silly really: I was there the whole time and my rainbow was never more than a metre away from me in Sandra’s capable hands.

It was amazing to watch how she cuddled Alyssa and spent some time connecting with her before laying her gently on the scene she had prepared. Alyssa was sound asleep and was obviously very relaxed. I had made sure she was bathed and well fed before we left home that morning and that had worn her out sufficiently that she almost slept through the whole session (apart from when she did a wee and then later on a poo on Sandra!). It meant I could relax as much as possible and enjoy watching Sandra at work. It’s a funny thing to spend so much time looking at your newborn from angles you don’t usually look at them from. As a mother, you often end up holding the baby a lot – on your shoulder, in your lap, at your breast, so to see the back of her head (so much hair!), her back, her bottom, her shoulders, her curled up froggy legs, all from a distance, was amazing. I must admit it did make me want to go and look at pictures of my daughter Grace and compare: had she any similarities to Alyssa? Would she have looked like this at 20 days old?

And then seeing Alyssa with the subtle rainbow headband on, or swaddled surrounded by a circle of rainbow colours brought all the emotions to the fore. She really is here, she really is alive (its ok she’s just asleep… she is allowed to sleep), she’s ok. And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.”


From September 2018, I will be offering a Rainbow Baby Gift Session to a family every month.

Families will receive:

  • a 2/3h newborn session
  • 10 digital images
  • any additional images can be purchased and the amount will be donated to Remember my Baby, which is a non-profit organisation offering remembrance photography to families experiencing a loss in maternity units and birth centres in the UK.

Rainbow Baby Session Information:

  • Baby must be under 21 days old at the time of the session.
  • These sessions will be offered on a first come, first served basis
  • Props are included in the session
  • Parents and siblings shots will not be offered during these sessions
  • Specific requests cannot be accommodated due to the nature of the session
  • A preparation guide will be sent to you ahead of the session


If you would like to apply or nominate a family for a Rainbow Baby Gift Session, please fill in the form below:

Rainbow Baby Session Application Form
Please provide information relating to the request of a rainbow baby session.



Exist in Pictures Baby Photographer South East London

Exist in Pictures Baby Photographer South East London

Wow! 2017 already! I know it’s cliche but doesn’t time fly when you have fun?

I don’t know about you but I love to give myself goals every year. I don’t do resolutions, as they never last, but I do make a list of what I want to acheive and I always keep it close by to remind myself how far I’ve come and how far I need to go!

My list isn’t long this year. Of course, it includes work related items as well as family ones. But do you know what my main goal is this year?

I want to have more pictures of me and my kids together. I want to exist in pictures.

We, mums, are all the same. We’re never happy with the way we look, our hair is always messy or we need to lose 10lbs. So we take the pictures of the children with Dad, with the grandparents, with uncles and aunties and friends… We very rarely get on the other side of the camera. We all think it’s fine, it doesn’t matter…

But let me tell you something: it really does! Photographs are the best way to remember what you looked like at a certain moment in time. And your children will want to see that. They will want to see pictures of you when you were expecting them, when they were born, when they celebrated their first birthday, pictures of you as they grow older and become these amazing little people that love you for who you are, that have always found you beautiful and that don’t care you need to lose weight. Because one day, these pictures are all they will have left.

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Christmas Present Ideas for Babies Part 2

Christmas Present Ideas for Babies (part 2)

Following on from last week’s Christmas present ideas for babies 0 to 6 months, here are a few ideas for babies 6 to 12 months old.

For Babies 6 to 9 month

1. Storytime Puppy

This is a great educational toy that has two modes: music and story. The songs are about learning and the stories teach your baby about colours and counting.

You can buy it here.

2. Squeeze Blocks

They are stackable, squeezable, floatable and chewable! What more can you ask for? It’s the perfect gift! It also really helps your baby with his eye/hand coordination.

You can buy it here.

3. Tobbles Neo

This is a very good toy for sensory exploration. It’s also great to develop the fine motor skills coordination and the visual spatial acuity.

Baby can stack them, topple them, tip them, spin them, balance and tilt them! Hours of fun!

You can buy it here.

4. Clack and Slide Activity Ball

This is a great colourful toy that is very easy to grab. It has many different activities so baby won’t get bored of it!

You can buy it here.

For babies 9 to 12 months

1. Pound and tap Bench

This toy is great to develop their musical ear but also to understand rhythm and cause and effect.

You can buy it here.

2. Sit to Stand Learning Walker

This walker, not only helps baby exercise his little legs to start walking, but also develop your baby’s hearing and sense of touch.

You can buy it here.

3. Pop Up Peg Men

This hilarious game was designed to develop fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination but also help babies understand cause and effect. Plus they will giggle a lot playing with it!

You can buy it here.

4. Roller Ball Run

This is an ideal game for developing fine motor skills, understanding cause and effect and also eye/hand coordination.

You can buy it here.

I hope you would have found this two part blog helpful in deciding what to buy for your baby!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas with all your family!

Sandra x


Christmas Present Ideas for Babies

Christmas Present Ideas for Babies (part 1)

I see these questions popping up all the time on social media: What present can I buy for my baby this Christmas? Where can I get Christmas present ideas for babies?

I know exactly how it is: you’re a bit overwhelmed as there is so much choice but, at the same time, you don’t want to overdo it as they don’t really know what’s happening!

It might also be your baby first Christmas and you and your family want to mark the occasion!

Please join me in this two part blog post where I give you a few ideas!

For babies 0 to 3 months

1. Freddie the Firefly

Freddie is amazing and usually a big hit with babies! It is full of textures for sensory discovery, has loads of colours and patters to encourage focus and attention and can also be used as a teether!

You can buy it here.



2. Art Card Baby

Babies see first in black, white and grey so jumbo patters really stand out! These cards help them focus and develop their eyes.

You can buy them here.


3. Cloud B Sleep Sheep

I have to say this is my favourite! This sheep is not only cute and cuddly, but it has it all! Soft sounds from nature, mum’s heartbeat, spring showers, whale song and gentle stream, what more could we ask for? It also includes a timer so turns itself off automatically and it is washable! Perfect!

You can buy it here.



4. Tummy Time Cruiser

This soft padded play mat really encourages your baby to practise tummy time! The colours are great and it also has a mirror for self discovery as well as plastic keys for teething. Oh and it’s also machine washable!

You can buy it here.


For babies 3 to 6 months

1. Musical Cube Activity Centre

This cube is absolutely perfect! It has a microphone, a scene changing window, a flashing drum, a steering wheel, hammer beads and many more! It will keep your baby entertained and is very durable!

You can buy it here.


2. Peek a Boo Forest

This is a soft fabric book with vibrant colours which encourages your baby’s imagination and develop their love of reading.

You can buy it here.


3. Sassy Sensory Ball Set

This set encourages baby’s sense of touch but also his hearing skills. The bold colours and different textures make it a great toy to play with. And it also encourages crawling!

You can buy it here.


4. Winkel

Not only this toy works as a rattle, but it’s also a teether and can be left in the fridge but instant relief! It’s very easy to grab and help babies use both their hands!

You can buy it here.



I hope you found this post useful so far! I will post part 2 next week with Christmas presents for babies from 6 to 12 months.

Sandra x