Five things to consider when choosing from your newborn photo gallery

I realise that after you’ve had your baby’s newborn photoshoot, you will be itching to see your newborn photo gallery!

Which is why I come to you for your private ordering appointment no later than 10-14 days after your session.

Your private ordering session

Your ordering session is the first chance that you will get to view the entire gallery of images that I have created for you.  And, I think, is the most exciting part of the whole experience!

As a mobile photographer, I take away the hassle of you having to travel to my studio with your young baby. As with the photoshoot itself, it will take place in the comfort of your own home.

I will simply bring along my laptop, your newborn photo gallery and my samples of photo products so that you can choose and order your favourites.

Your newborn photo gallery: Five things to consider when choosing images

  1. Prepare for tears!

Viewing your baby’s newborn photo gallery can be an extremely emotional experience for many parents. So I always recommend that you have some tissues handy!

Seeing your gorgeous newborn bundle of joy sleeping blissfully and professionally styled and photographed is an absolute delight for all parents. It’s an unbeatable feeling, seeing those images for the first time. That’s why the big ‘reveal’ is the part of the process that I love the most!

  1. Who from your family will attend?

Your ordering session is your chance to choose your favourites from the newborn photo gallery that I have created for you. So, it’s obviously really important that anyone who wants to have a say about the image choice needs to be there.

It’s also crucial for you to know that I don’t keep all your images on file forever. I keep them only for approximately six months. Which is why choosing your favourite images now, at your ordering session, is really important.

You won’t have the chance to purchase more images from me in the future.

  1. Warning: You may love all the images!

I will edit a gallery of up to 20 images and reveal these to you in their full-colour glory. Then it’s simply up to you to choose which ones you would like to purchase.

This can be more difficult than you might imagine though since you’ll likely love all of the photos!

So, it’s important to be prepared for this beforehand. And to have in your mind the maximum budget that you can spend on photos, prints and albums.

If you know what your budget is in advance of the ordering session, it makes it so much easier for you to make your selections. You will know what you can afford (and what you can’t), and that will help to guide your buying decisions.

I will have shared my pricing list with you before our booking, and I’ll bring it along with me to the ordering appointment as well so that we can go through it together. I’ll also be there to help you choose a package that gives you the best possible value for your available budget.

Choosing images from your newborn photo gallery

  1. What colours and sized artwork would work best in your home?

You’ll probably want to share your baby’s portraits with friends and family online. But you’ll also probably want to have the photos printed and mounted into an album, and placed on your walls.

So, knowing where in the home that you are likely to want to use the portraits is really useful when it comes to choosing your images at the ordering session.

Choosing from your newborn photo gallery products

Whether the portraits will be used in your baby’s nursery or will be a feature in your main living room or hallway, measure the size of the walls in advance so that we know what space is available. Then, together we can make a decision about what size artwork and types of finish will look best.

You’ll also remember that during the photoshoot I incorporated any pre-agreed any colours into your baby’s portraits by using coloured baby blankets or backdrops.

So you’ll also find that, because of this forward planning, your final images fit seamlessly into your home décor too.

  1. Don’t fear a ‘hard sell’

I find that many parents worry that the ordering session will be overwhelming or fear that they will experience the ‘hard sell’. Rest assured, with me that is not the experience that you will get!

My ordering sessions are not at all pushy, and in fact are a completely relaxed opportunity to enjoy your baby’s newborn photo gallery for the first time.

My clients genuinely enjoy this part of the process since I use my years of experience to help them to decide which images are best for them. I help you to make an informed decision.

And if you’re planning on buying photo products, like albums and mounted prints, I’ll show you all the relevant product samples so that you can make your selections in confidence.

My goal is to only sell you photos and products that you absolutely love!

Book your newborn photoshoot today

Your ordering session, when you view your newborn photo gallery, is included in the price of your photoshoot package. But if you are reading this and you’ve yet to book your newborn photoshoot, contact me today to confirm your preferred date.

I’m available on 07507 665493 or email me sa****@sa*********************.com

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