Everything you need to know to prepare for your newborn baby photo shoot in South East London with photographer Sandra Cullen.

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby!

It is such an exciting time for you and your family and I feel privileged that you chose me to remember this time forever. The first few weeks go so quickly and your little bundle changes so much that of course you want to remember all the cute little details with a photo shoot!


10 handy tips to ensure you have a stress free newborn baby photo shoot in South East London:


Keeping baby awake for 1-2 hours before our session ……… This can be hard, but if baby already had a good sleep before our session begins, I will be spending a lot of time getting them to sleep before I can begin posing them . A bath is a good trick to help keep them awake, or get them naked.These little tricks will help ensure we get amazing images of your baby while they are asleep during the session.
Bring along a bottle of formula or breast milk and a dummy….  Many mums try to avoid a dummy during this critical time of learning to breast feed, however we may need to use it if absolutely necessary.The reason is to avoid contact with mummy as much as possible while we are in the “rhythm” of a session.Baby can smell mum and hear her voice and this triggers their instinct to feed. It can be quite a distraction for a little newborn.Using a bottle or dummy when needed helps us to maintain the fluidity of the session and helps baby settle easier.We will only use it as a last resort to soothe a fussy baby. If you are adamantly against dummies or bottle, please let me know.
Mum should avoid eating anything too spicy or gassy if breast feeding ….  I know it’s probably the last thing you want to hear but pizza, spicy sauces, garlic, broccoli, thai food, high fat etc… might upset baby’s tummy for 24 hours preceding your scheduled session. It’s best to stick to a relatively bland diet the 24 hours before your session. 
Schedule a feed for the time I arrive. It really helps to ensure baby is full when we start, so please schedule your baby’s day to give a full feed as I arrive
Dress baby in loose fitting clothes …  This is to avoid any lines on skin – a onesie that opens in thefront is best. I also recommend taking baby’s clothes off before you feed him and wrap him in a nice little blanket with only his nappy on. It helps a lot to not have to remove his clothes if he’s sleepy! 
Dress in layers …  The room in your house that I will use will be heated intensely to keep your little one warm, so dress in layers so that you can remove some if you get too warm. 
 Our photo shoot can be a time for you to do something for yourself … During the session, take advantage of this time to rest as I don’t need any help. Feel free to take a nap or a shower!
Allow up to four hours … Newborn  photography sessions generally take up to 4 hours, so please plan for that. 
Siblings are welcome…. If you have older siblings that will be included in photos, those images will be photographed at the end of the session. If you can, ask any relatives to take your other child to the park or somewhere else while we photograph your newborn. 
Less is best  I recommend that only yourself, your spouse/partner and children are present while I am with you. Lots of people can be quite distracting for myself and baby.



I’m really looking forward to working with you and creating amazing images of your new baby, if you have any questions please send me an email or give me a call. I’m always happy to help.


Thank you again for choosing me to document this special time in your lives.


Sandra xx