Newborn Photographer South East London

Newborn Photographer South East London

I met baby Sarai last May when a photographer friend recommended me to her Mummy. You see, she couldn’t wait to be part of this world and came a few weeks earlier than expected!

Her mum had preeclampsia and ended up having a c-section.

She was so tiny! The smallest baby I ever had to pose actually! But she was amazing and after a good feed, she relaxed and let me take some amazing pictures!Newborn Photographer South East London

I loved using bright yellow as it really complimented her skin tone!

Newborn Photographer Greenwich

She slept the whole way through!

Baby Photographer Greenwich

While I was doing the pictures, I had a lot of help from her Nan! I really wanted to hire her as my assistant as she was amazing!

Baby Photographer South East London

How tiny is she? She weighed in at 4lbs when she was born! But she was surprisingly strong and when she decided she didn’t like a pose or had enough, she did let us know quite loudly!

Newborn Photographer Bexley

I absolutely LOVE this nest prop and thought it was so fitting for Sarai!

Baby Photographer Welling

Her gorgeous Mum was so proud of her little girl and you could see that her Dad was already in love with her!

Newborn Photographer Welling

A very happy new family!

Baby Photographer Bexleyheath


Newborn pictures are best done when baby is between 5 and 14 days old, even if we can still have great results until about 28 days!

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