Older children and Teens photography South East London

My classical portraits are timeless pieces of art, perfect for your walls at home.

These sessions are popular with parents who want a traditional-style portrait of their children and are suitable for children aged 4 years and upwards.

This style of photography is very different to the typical ‘smiling to camera’ snapshot parents may take on their smartphones for the family album. They are deliberately reminiscent of the classical portraits of the Greek and Roman times; posed and with the subject looking straight to camera.

During your classical portrait session, I’ll photograph your child/children in a number of ways. This includes traditional head and shoulders and full-length poses. And I’ll ensure there are several sitting and standing options for you to choose from too.

I recommend keeping clothing simple and logo-free, and you are very welcome to make use of my selection of headdresses and accessories.

If you have any questions about my older children and teens photo sessions or wish to book, please contact me now to book your own session.

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