South East London Baby Photography

Babies change dramatically in the first few months after birth.  The small bundle of joy you held in your arms as a newborn is almost unrecognisable even just a few months later.

Literally, within months, babies learn to roll, crawl and, by around six to eight months, they are even sitting up unaided! Aren’t they clever?

There are so many significant milestones in your baby’s first year. Which is why I have created my ‘Sitter’ photoshoot which is perfect for children aged sixth months plus.

Unlike at a newborn session, babies at this age are wide awake and curious about the world. So during your baby’s sitter session, I will capture them proudly performing all their latest moves. And I will record their delightful little features and their developing personality!

A sitter session is a great opportunity to photograph your baby as he/she changes and grows. Plus it is a natural follow-on from a newborn session, or as a pre-cursor to a first birthday cake smash shoot.

I also offer a Baby Plan package which offers you the opportunity to have multiple sessions during a baby’s first year.

If you have any questions about my baby photo sessions or wish to book, please contact me now to book your own session.

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