South East London Photographer Baby Safety

6 Examples of newborn photography safety, South East London photographer Baby Safety by Sandra Cullen.


You’re about to welcome your beautiful new baby into our world and you’re looking at booking a newborn baby photo-shoot. But how do you know your baby will be in safe hands with your chosen photographer?

The past five years has seen a rise in newborn photography along with a rise in the number of photographers, so while you have a lot of choice how do you know which photographers have the correct knowledge and training to safely pose your new baby and not put them in a harmful situation?

When I first ventured into newborn photography I knew it was vital for me to receive training to ensure I was able to pose your baby safely and without harm.

Have you seen the beautiful images of a baby with their hands under their chin holding up their head. No baby would be able to hold their head up under their arms in what we call the froggy pose.  Asking your photographer to show you examples of how they support your baby during pose is fundamental when booking a baby photographer for your newborn photo shoot. These images are usually two images merged together and baby’s head is supported at all time.

Here are 6 examples of newborn photography safety any trained baby photographer should be able to explain and show you before booking with them:

  • Before and after combination photographs (we call them composites) taken during photo shoot showing that baby head is being supported at all time by a second person.
  • That they are a member of the Baby And Newborn Photography Association – every baby photographer with BANPAS has been vetted to ensure they always put safety first when photographing babies. (Which I am very proud to be a member of)
  • Ask your photographer how they will ensure your baby is kept warm during the photo shoot. Remember they are less than two weeks old and will loose body heat a lot quicker than an adult even on a warm summer day.
  • How to demonstrate to you that your baby’s circulation is good.
  • Training: has your photographer received training in how to safety pose a newborn baby?
  • Are they insured? It’s vital that any photographer you work with has liability insurance and business insurance. These are signs you are working with a professional photographer and know that you can trust them.

It’s a real honour to be asked to photograph a new baby and I really wouldn’t want to do anything else. I always do my best to surpass my client’s expectations and I put the safety of every baby I work with first.