South East London Photographer Baby Safety and Training

South East London Photographer Baby Safety

I hope you enjoyed my last blog post about Safety and Training. I would like to tell you a bit more about my experience with training and safety as a Newborn Photographer in South East London and I hope it will give you reassurance that I will always handle your babies safely.

When I first started to become passionate about newborn photography in 2014, I had no idea how other photographers could achieve such cute curled up poses. It never came to my mind to try these poses without knowing how to do it the proper way. Babies are so precious and fragile I would never want to hurt them.

Through recommendations from my photographer friends I was given the names of fantastic photographers in the country who offer newborn safety training. I chose one of the best newborn photographers and trainers not only for her way of doing things but also for her style. I wanted to learn from the best.

My training session with Cass Davies was at her studio in beautiful Chester. The morning was spent showing me how to help your baby sleep and how to safely pose them. Then in the afternoon I was given the opportunity to do everything by myself, with Cass’s assistance.

I have to say this was a real eye opener for me. It is a lot to learn but with the right person teaching you and a lot of practice, I am now confident I can not only do it, but do it safely.

Here are a few images that I took on the day:

Baby Photographer South East London

Almost a year later I am very proud to say I am now a member of the Baby And Newborn Photography Association whose mission is to promote the safety of all newborns and babies during photoshoots.

Have a look at their website for articles on safety:

Safety is my number one priority and I will never force a baby into uncomfortable positions. If they do not want to do a certain pose, I will try another one.

I also work around baby so if he/she need a feed or a cuddle, we can take break and relax.