Why are professional baby photos so expensive?

One of the most common questions about newborn photography that I see people asking online is “why are professional baby photos so expensive?” Now, one person’s idea of expensive is obviously hugely different from another person’s. But I believe that it’s a question that goes through the minds of a lot of parents-to-be. So I […]

How to choose a newborn photographer

You’re a parent-to-be and are considering hiring a newborn photographer. You want professional photos of your baby once he or she arrives because you have seen how beautiful these images can be. But what are the criteria on which you should choose a newborn photographer? After all, you only need to Google “newborn photographer” to […]

Five things to consider when choosing from your newborn photo gallery

I realise that after you’ve had your baby’s newborn photoshoot, you will be itching to see your newborn photo gallery! Which is why I come to you for your private ordering appointment no later than 10-14 days after your session. Your private ordering session Your ordering session is the first chance that you will get […]