Why investing in photography is so important.

Why investing in photography is so important.

Hello, I am Juli – mother to 2 boys Ru and Ri, blogger on www.mummyruandri.com, local government manager, student, girlfriend, daughter and all the other hats that I wear!

I met Sandra in 2014, when my first-child Ru was born.  At that time, I was an excited first-time mother, oblivious to what this motherhood journey was really about. I had attended NCT antenatal classes, read baby development books and thought I was ready. Rewind four years later, I can confidently tell you I was not; all the things I learnt thinking they were important, were totally unnecessary.

One observation I made as a new mother was how fast the time went and how quickly my baby changed. At five weeks I knew I wanted to freeze these moments in time and capture these precious moments, not just on my iPhone.

I was introduced to Sandra and her amazing mum and baby photoshoot. To date, both of my children have had portraits by Sandra which have consisted of a range professionally photographed shots including newborn, sitting (usually around six months), cake smash, family, and mum and son photoshoots.

The changes between each set of photos has been remarkable, particularly as there was only about six months between photoshoots. Recently, I sat and  browsed through those photos and I smiled. I was so happy that I had these and other memories, especially those from my mother and child photoshoot.

All too often we mothers avoid the camera, saying we’re too fat, look too tired, feel a mess. But in a decade from now, we will regret not having these snapshots of time for so many reasons. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Photos create a memory of that time. A snapshot of the past. We all know how powerful memories are, they can remind us of times filled with a range of emotions particularly joy and happiness.
  • Photos enable us to see the progress of our family – how we have aged and developed. They provide an opportunity to reflect on family life. I always smile when I contemplate the baby that hugged my leg in one of our photoshoots! He  might be the boy who is going to tower over me in a few years time!
  • Photos carry emotions; when I look at pictures from a particular time I always smile, laugh or cry. These memories carry feelings of the circumstances that surround them,  they transport us back to another time or place instantly.
  • Belonging, inclusivity, sense of self – these things start at home and family photos can support this.   Children seeing themselves as part of a family unit (however this may look), helps contribute to their sense of belonging and self awareness.

All of the above has made me realise just how important it is to not just take photos of your children but also with them. I hope my reasons resonate with you and encourage you to reach out and invest in a mummy and child portrait.

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