The Best Antenatal and Pregnancy Classes in Greenwich, London

Pregnancy and Antenatal classes in Greenwich are a popular choice for expectant women and their partners to help guide them through pregnancy and into parenthood. Antenatal classes are usually run by qualified teachers, practising midwives, and NHS doctors, to help expectant mothers to understand what to expect from pregnancy and birth. 

Although you don’t have to join an antenatal class while you are pregnant, they are a great resource for expectant parents and provide a wealth of knowledge. Antenatal classes cover everything from pregnancy symptoms, the first signs of labour, and how to cope with labour pains, and also guide you on how to care for your baby once they arrive.

They are ideal for first-time parents and existing parents who are looking for support during pregnancy. 

antenatal classes in Greenwich

There are also a wide variety of supportive pregnancy classes available to ease women through their pregnancy journey. These classes can include pregnancy-specific fitness classes such as yoga, and pilates. 

In this article, we have found the five best pregnancy and antenatal classes in the Greenwich area of London. Read on to find the perfect class suitable for your needs during your pregnancy. 

Happy Parents Happy Baby 

Happy Parents Happy Baby offers in-person and online antenatal classes throughout the UK. The classes on offer include the typical antenatal group classes, as well as private VIP classes which include a non-disclosure agreement, and baby classes for Grandparents. 

All antenatal courses with Happy Parents Happy Baby are taught by practising NHS midwives and Obstetric doctors and include input from specialists such as qualified paediatricians, hypnobirthing teachers, and a women’s health physiotherapist.

The face-to-face antenatal course is delivered via five in-person sessions and three online sessions with the specialists. The in-person group sessions have between five to fourteen couples per course, depending on the area, which allows expectant parents to socialise and create strong bonds. The antenatal course includes preparing for the birth, baby first aid training, hypnobirthing, and a variety of resources to access at home in between classes. 

The Greenwich antenatal class is currently taught in the private room of the GreenwichTavern and the hypnobirthing class that they offer is held at the More Yoga studio, however, check their website for more details. 

Antenatal Classes in Greenwich: BusyLizzy Fitness Classes – Greenwich and Blackheath

BusyLizzy offers expectant mothers, safe antenatal fitness classes across three locations in the Greenwich and Blackheath area, and online via Zoom. Qualified instructors run classes to strengthen and tone your body during pregnancy and following the birth of your baby.  

You can join classes from 14 weeks of pregnancy and classes are structured to help you to reduce lower back pain and help to reduce abdominal separation. Classes are run in person and via Zoom and include pregnancy-specific pilates, yoga, and dance-based workouts. The MumstoBee Pilates class teaches expectant mums movements to improve strength and coordination while incorporating relaxation techniques. 

Expectant mums can join via a price plan that suits their needs and the in-person classes give expectant mothers a chance to meet other mums-to-be in the Greenwich and Blackheath area. If you are unsure whether the fitness classes are for you BusyLizzy offers a free trial so you can try before committing to a pricing plan. 

Bump and Baby Club

Bump & Baby Club offers independent antenatal classes to expectant families across the UK, helping to inform and support expectant mothers on their way to parenthood. The classes are usually held in a family-friendly pub or wine bar and the Greenwich class is currently held at Davy’s Wine Vaults. 

Classes are aimed to be social to allow expectant mothers and their partners to meet other families in the area. The Bump and Baby Club antenatal course has a modern approach to antenatal education and strives to provide the most up-to-date information on pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and are all experts in antenatal care. 

Included in the price of the antenatal class is a hypnobirthing course, a carefully tailored course content that includes the informative Bumplet guide to having a baby. Bump and Baby Club will also organise a get-together for all participants in your group once the babies have arrived, which includes a free drink on them. 

Antenatal Classes in Greenwich: The Yoga Space London 

The Yoga Space London is located on the banks of the River Thames in Woolwich, Greenwich, and offers a variety of classes including pregnancy yoga and sessions with a qualified pregnancy massage therapist. 

The pregnancy yoga sessions aim to help expectant women gently move their bodies, maintain strength, and promote connection with their babies. The classes are aimed at mums-to-be from 13 weeks of pregnancy up to birth and take place in the spacious yoga studio with views across the river.  Pregnancy yoga sessions are currently offered with Ewa Walker at the Yoga Studio. 

The yoga space also has treatment rooms which are used by qualified therapists that offer pregnancy massage to help expectant mothers feel more relaxed and to ease any aches and pains. Currently, pregnancy massage is offered by Sharon Onyango and Sarah Claxton, and massage takes place in soothing private rooms at the Yoga Studio. 

ZenBirth Hypnobirthing Blackheath 

ZenBirth offers hypnobirthing and antenatal classes in the South East London area of Blackheath, both in-person and online. In-person classes are run in small intimate groups by qualified hypnobirthing teacher Yetunde Lewis with support from Ayo Haynes, who is an experienced NHS midwife. 

ZenBirth Group Hypnobirthing courses are taught over two days on a weekend and include a maximum of five couples per course. The classes cover the birth process and teach expectant mums helpful hypnobirthing tools to help mums-to-be work towards positive labour. Relaxation and massage techniques are part of the course, and birthing partners are also guided on how to support you during delivery. 

ZenBirth also offers private hypnobirthing courses, Caesarean Hypnobirthing and expectant mothers can also book private sessions with midwife Ayo, both before and after the birth of their baby. 

Embrace the journey!

As you go through this incredible and incredibly transformative journey, don’t forget to celebrate your body and strength… and take some “me” time before baby arrives.

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