Baby's first year blue eyed boy

Capturing your baby’s first year in photos

Having a baby is nothing short of life-changing. As a parent, your baby’s first year is undoubtedly the most exciting and precious time in your life.

And in that short time, you’ll see them transform from teeny-tiny baby to walking and talking toddler. SO many changes take place in a baby’s first year. It’s just incredible!

Baby's first year blue eyed boy

Introducing my ‘Baby Plan’

Which is why I created ‘Precieux Moments’, my Baby Plan package.

It’s ideal for parents like you who value professional photography and who are keen to document all those changes that take place in your baby’s first year.

After all, it’s only by making a record through photographs or video that it’s possible to remember how they were at different stages in that first twelve months.

Key milestones in your baby’s first year

The Baby Plan includes three ‘milestone’ portrait sessions, and you have the flexibility to choose when you want your baby to be photographed. These are the two options available – the choice is yours.

Option 1:

I could photograph your baby when they are aged 4 months, 7-8 months and one year:

  • At four months old, babies are typically starting to show an interest in ‘tummy time’. Or, if they aren’t fans of that, I can photograph them lying on their backs looking up at the camera, which is really cute!
  • At 7-8 months old, they have learnt to crawl and are now sitting independently
  • Then, by their first birthday, they’re starting to talk and, perhaps, even walk unaided. Aren’t they clever?!

Option 2:

A second option is that I photograph your baby slightly later in their development. That way, the third and final session ties in with them reaching 18-24 months old:

  • The first photoshoot would be a ‘sitter’ session with your baby aged approximately 8-9 months
  • Next, I would photograph their first birthday with my ever-popular cake smash and bath splash celebrations –these are such fun!
  • Finally, in the third session, I can photograph baby at aged 18-24 months along with other members of the family, for a lovely family portrait. Even the dog can be included if you wish!

Baby's first year photo session

Capturing your baby’s first year in photos

My goal is to capture these not-to-be-missed moments in stunning professional portraits while documenting your baby’s growth.

The pictures I create at each session become lasting memories of this incredibly special time.

Baby's first year portrait by Sandra Cullen Photography

Why ‘Precieux Moments’?

Well, I’m French and that is the French term for, you’ve guessed it, ‘Precious Moments’.

And indeed, how precious those memories are!

An investment you won’t regret!

So, while choosing to invest in newborn photography is undoubtedly a great decision if you want lasting memories of your child’s first few weeks of life. There are so many reasons to also invest in professional photography throughout your baby’s first year too!

My Baby Plan is a competitively priced package which offers you three private portraits sessions. Each session lasts up to one hour in the comfort of your own home.

Photographs of your baby’s first year

Baby Plan customers get the opportunity to purchase from my stunning range of photo products after each session. There’s the option to buy digital files, frames, canvases, albums and gorgeous photo presentation boxes.

And at the end of the year, I can also arrange for a montage of the images taken from all the three sessions, to be presented beautifully together in my luxury frames, boxes and albums.

Plus, I offer a helpful payment plan so that you can spread the cost of these products over the year if you would prefer.

Capturing your baby's first year

Why invest in a ‘Baby Plan’ with Sandra Cullen Photography?

Quite simply, you only get one chance to capture photographs like these while your child is small. My Baby Plan is a great way to get portraits of your child at a quality, unlike anything that you can

My Baby Plan is a great way to get portraits of your child at a quality, unlike anything that you can realistically create yourself at home.

The images are high-quality artworks in their own right – perfect for hanging on the walls at home and will give you years of pleasure (unlike the snapshots you might take on your smartphone and never print or look again!)

Yes, professional portrait photography is a great investment if you value being able to record and remember all those ‘Precieux Moments’.

While a newborn photography session is a great way to start a photographic record of your baby’s development, my Baby Plan captures all those adorable, not-to-be-missed moments in your baby’s first year.

Why not book your little person in today?!

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