Christmas Present Ideas for Babies

Christmas Present Ideas for Babies (part 1)

I see these questions popping up all the time on social media: What present can I buy for my baby this Christmas? Where can I get Christmas present ideas for babies?

I know exactly how it is: you’re a bit overwhelmed as there is so much choice but, at the same time, you don’t want to overdo it as they don’t really know what’s happening!

It might also be your baby first Christmas and you and your family want to mark the occasion!

Please join me in this two part blog post where I give you a few ideas!

For babies 0 to 3 months

1. Freddie the Firefly

Freddie is amazing and usually a big hit with babies! It is full of textures for sensory discovery, has loads of colours and patters to encourage focus and attention and can also be used as a teether!

You can buy it here.



2. Art Card Baby

Babies see first in black, white and grey so jumbo patters really stand out! These cards help them focus and develop their eyes.

You can buy them here.


3. Cloud B Sleep Sheep

I have to say this is my favourite! This sheep is not only cute and cuddly, but it has it all! Soft sounds from nature, mum’s heartbeat, spring showers, whale song and gentle stream, what more could we ask for? It also includes a timer so turns itself off automatically and it is washable! Perfect!

You can buy it here.



4. Tummy Time Cruiser

This soft padded play mat really encourages your baby to practise tummy time! The colours are great and it also has a mirror for self discovery as well as plastic keys for teething. Oh and it’s also machine washable!

You can buy it here.


For babies 3 to 6 months

1. Musical Cube Activity Centre

This cube is absolutely perfect! It has a microphone, a scene changing window, a flashing drum, a steering wheel, hammer beads and many more! It will keep your baby entertained and is very durable!

You can buy it here.


2. Peek a Boo Forest

This is a soft fabric book with vibrant colours which encourages your baby’s imagination and develop their love of reading.

You can buy it here.


3. Sassy Sensory Ball Set

This set encourages baby’s sense of touch but also his hearing skills. The bold colours and different textures make it a great toy to play with. And it also encourages crawling!

You can buy it here.


4. Winkel

Not only this toy works as a rattle, but it’s also a teether and can be left in the fridge but instant relief! It’s very easy to grab and help babies use both their hands!

You can buy it here.



I hope you found this post useful so far! I will post part 2 next week with Christmas presents for babies from 6 to 12 months.

Sandra x