Mummy and Me Photo Shoot in Greenwich South East London

Mummy and Me photo shoot in Greenwich South East London

When the tables are turned (on the photographer)

For the longest time, I didn’t have my picture taken…  There were many reasons, many excuses.  I felt fat, unattractive, my roots were showing, my hair wasn’t done, I didn’t have the right make-up, I didn’t have any clothes to wear or I didn’t have the right clothes.  I didn’t prioritise my existence in photographs, essentially, because of a lack of confidence.  When you’re not confident there’s always a reason not to do something.  There’s always an excuse.  There are always rather a lot of excuses for not doing it.

All the time, my children were growing.  I had pictures of them.  Loads of pictures of them.  But I didn’t have any pictures of me with my children.  I was always behind the camera.  I’m the photographer, of course!  My husband was in our photographs,  but I was not.

Finally, I realised that I needed to be in my family’s photographs, regardless of how I felt or how I looked, or how I felt I looked.  I realised that my kids don’t care what I look like.  They love me for me.  They love me because I’m their mother.  And I had to be in my family’s photographs, for my children.  Because when they grow up, they will want our photographs to remember how we all were when they were 3, or 5, or 8 years’ old.  How we grew together.  The love we share(d).

So, eventually, I took the decision and plucked up the courage to book a photoshoot with a fantastic photographer that I know, to do a Mummy and Me photo shoot in Greenwich South East London. I wanted something just for myself, without my husband for once!

My photographer treated me like queen!  She had a professional make-up artist doing my hair and make up, she had the most beautiful dresses for me to wear and put me in front of lovely backdrops. I felt like a million dollars. It didn’t matter that I’m not a model, I felt amazing!

As you can see from these behind the scene photographs (taken unprofessionally by my husband), we had a lot of fun.  Evan and Liam loved being photographed with their mum.  They also loved trying on the dresses! You can see the love in their eyes, and in mine for them.  And I felt so happy that I had finally done it.  I finally had the courage to get in front of the camera for once.  The results speak for themselves.  Pictures that we will treasure forever.  Photographs that my children will be able to look back on, years from now, and remember the joy of that day, and how they felt about their mum when they were 8 and 12 years’ old.

The moral of the story is that, it doesn’t matter if you lack confidence, it doesn’t matter how you feel you look, your children love you no matter what.  My mission is to enable women to see and feel the beauty others see, through my photography. This is why I started offering Mummy and Me photo shoot in Greewich South East London. They can be booked as Mini sessions (link below) or full lenght session with hair and make up available.

My “Mummy & Me” photo sessions are a great way to capture how you and your children feel about each other.  Why don’t you book yours today?